“Colonization under threat!”: On Mars found a strange humanoid – scientists

The Rover has transferred to the space Agency NASA disturbing pictures that may prove the existence on the red planet humanoid.

«Колонизация под угрозой!»: На Марсе нашли странного гуманоида – ученые

Mars Rover found a strange humanoid on the surface of Mars. Scientists report that this is not a malfunction of the camera, and in fact, white creature that resembles a humanoid, was a few meters away from the Rover. Researchers have disproved the theory that it could be white light or a reflection, as in the day of the hike was cloudy. The scientists also rejected the theory of gamma radiation.

«Колонизация под угрозой!»: На Марсе нашли странного гуманоида – ученые

“Colonization under threat!” said conspiracy theorists who believe in the existence of life on Mars. Experts say that it is impossible to send astronauts to the Red planet, if it can be inhabited by the unknown aliens. Which can be dangerous for mankind.

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