Non-Alexandre Benalla was not working for Brigitte Macron ensures the chief of staff of the Elysée

Non Alexandre Benalla ne travaillait pas pour Brigitte Macron assure le chef de cabinet de l’Elysée

The political scandal around Alexander Benalla continues. Before senators on Wednesday 12 September, François-Xavier Lauch held to detail the functions of the former body-guard to the Elysée.

On Wednesday 12 September, the chief of staff Emmanuel Macron was interrogated before the investigating committee of the Senate. François-Xavier Lauch confirmed that he had indeed recruited Alexander Benalla at the Elysée. The opportunity also to discuss the different functions of the former body guard to the president of the Republic : organize travel national head of State but also support the organizers of events at the Elysee and finally coordinate the various security services of the president of the Republic. François-Xavier Lauch has also ensured thatAlexander Benalla had ” not exercised police duties “, unlike the advanced information throughout the summer.

François-Xavier Lauch is also income on the functions of Alexandra Benalla with the First lady : ” Brigitte Macron has a team of personal security and Mr. Benalla had no function in the matter, except in the case of a moving non-official with the President “.

As a reminder, the collaborator of Emmanuel Macron is accused of having roughed up protesters at the rallies of 1 may last. In a video released by The World, Alexandra Benalla appears, in particular, with a cuff and a police helmet. Licensed since by the Elysée, he is indicted for acts of violence.

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