Pamela Anderson : how is Adil Rami the supports in Dancing with the stars

Pamela Anderson : comment Adil Rami la soutient dans Danse avec les stars

In a few weeks, Pamela Anderson will make his first steps on the floor of Dancing with the stars. The actress international has agreed to allow us to go to some confidences about her relationship with the footballer Adil Rami, his first bear.

The countdown has begun. On 29 September this year, TF1 will kick off the ninth season of Dancing with the stars. They are, therefore, eleven personalities to battle it out on the dance floor : Iris Mittenaere, Terence Such, Carla Ginola, Clement Rémiens, Anouar Toubali, Heloise Martin, Jeanfi Janssens, Vincent Moscato, Basile Boli, Lio and Pamela Anderson. This Tuesday, September 11, three weeks of the launch, TF1 has held a press conference with the candidates. The opportunity for an international actor to engage like never before.

Has 51 years old, Pamela Anderson is launching a new challenge. “I want to see what I’m capable of. I want my children to be proud of me , “says the one who has already participated in the american version. And reveal that the production had already been offered Dancing with the stars three times. This time, it will be so good. “Now, I live in France so it was good timing to accept “. Pamela Anderson takes very seriously his new French life. Installed in Marseille for a year, she takes French classes, in particular for his role in Nicky Larson, directed by Philippe Lacheau.

Despite the rumors of separation with Adil Rami, Pamela Anderson is keen to put the record straight. The day before, on the plateau of Daily life, she had preferred to kick it into touch. However, it is quite naturally that the gorgeous woman is speaking with love, and humour of him who shares her life. The footballer will also an important role with Pamela Anderson for the dancing competition TF1. “I have two coaches : my dance partner and my ‘coach’ at home who is very strict. I don’t know which makes me more afraid of the two “, has fun, does it.

But above all, it may very well make an appearance on TF1 to support its beautiful. Pamela Anderson will be in effect encouraged close by his entire family. “My mother and my father will come, maybe in the 2nd or 3rd premium, if I can until then “, says she. This will also be the case of his two sons, Brandon and Dylan. Finally, on one condition. “If I’m doing well, and that I don’t embarrass, they will come “, loose-does it with humor. And reveal : “And if I win, my champion of the world will come with his Cup. I’m kidding. I don’t know. I have a lot of pressure“. It will therefore be necessary to wait until the end of the competition may be hope to see Adil Rami in the arms of the one who made her heart beating.

Interview by Camille Choteau

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