The ex – soloist of “VIA gra” has started to build a new career: it all began with the Manifesto

Экс - солистка «ВИА Гры» начала строить новую карьеру: все началось с манифеста

The group “VIA Gra” gave the music scene another independent soloist — Anastasia Kozhevnikova made an important statement

Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” 25-year-old singer Anastasia Kozhevnikova announced the beginning of his solo career, writes Know.

In August last year, she left the group, founded by Valeriy Meladze and married. Now the singer has unveiled her debut song “Love you”, music and words composed by herself. Good news Nastya shared on Instagram.

Экс - солистка «ВИА Гры» начала строить новую карьеру: все началось с манифеста

“Well, that’s the day I share with you my first step on a solo path! It is very important You sincere thoughts! What I like is the symbiosis of completely different music, so from me to expect completely different songs. This was born in me first no matter how many times I’ve been postponing it for later, this is it! it contains the meaning of love, and selfless. Men don’t play with a loving heart!”, — spoke about the composition of the performer.

Anastasia Kozhevnikova worked in the group “VIA Gra” for five years.

Recall that just recently, the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” Misha Romanov hinted fans about the comeback.

Экс - солистка «ВИА Гры» начала строить новую карьеру: все началось с манифеста

So, the girl has published in Instagram-Stories photo from the recording Studio. It is worth noting that the picture was attended by the singer Max Barsky and producer Andrew Timoshik working on a new track Romanova.

In the photo the actress wrote, “getting Ready for the next year,” and asked the fans, they await her return to the stage.

Previously, we reported that 25-year-old native of Yuzhnoukrainsk Anastasia Kozhevnikova 2 Sep left the group “VIA Gra”. The team once again was left without a third participant. About his decision Nastya said in an interview with Katya Osadchaya, which did a report on her wedding.

“The second of September’s contract ends with the group “VIA Gra” and I’m solo sailing. So the honeymoon we have cancelled, we will be working on me”, — said Kozhevnikov.

According to Nastya and her husband, businessman Cyril Snitkova, the reason for leaving has nothing to do with the fact that participants of “VIA gra” to perform on stage half-naked.

“Five years of groups I have become so accustomed to everything. Between me and Anastasia have confidence, so for this reason we absolutely do not experience. But this decision was made because we need to move forward,” said the husband of the actress.

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