VIDEO – Véronique Sanson suffering from a tumor, why the disappearance of Maurane is a test of more

VIDÉO – Véronique Sanson atteinte d'une tumeur, pourquoi la disparition de Maurane est une épreuve de plus

Véronique Sanson is forced to cancel her concerts from November to treat a tumor in the tonsils. In past trials, the singer could count on the support of her friend maureen mcgovern. But now that the latter is a party, the star 69-year-old is left without this valuable support to deal with his sentence.

The news came on the 11th of September last, saddening fans of the star. The producer of the tour with Véronique Sanson, Gilbert Coullier, has announced that she was suffering from a tumor,detected in July ” on a tonsil that requires a radiotherapy treatment. “But this last was intended to be reassuring : ” of Course after this treatment she will be in a state of weakness that is not going to allow him to go on stage, the doctors have prescribed total rest until the 23rd of November. But she is moral, she is amazing, even today it is in full form,” he insisted.

In the past, Véronique Sanson has already been faced with major health problems, as pointed out by a columnist Wednesday, September 12, in the show of Jean-Marc Morandini broadcasted on Cnews. ” It has been known suffering from a chronic blood disorder, we also know that in the past, she has suffered fromaddictions, so communicate clearly on this tumor is to avoid all the speculation that could take place in the press and on social networks. “After this terrible news, the fans of the star have been many, to show their support : “a comfort all the more important for Véronique Sanson that this year, she has lost her great friend Maurane, that he would have been very valuable in these tough times,” has entrusted to Fabien Lecoeuvre a journalist to Cnews.

A great friendship had united them Veronique Sanson and Maurane. At the death of the latter on may 7, the interpreter of the tube Need to person had confided all his pain : “From you, I will always remember sparks, happy, hilarious, tangled of your little minutes cannibals, treacherous and evil but never exhibited to anyone who knew the guess. “

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